What other transactions can be carried out in this market?

Generally the forex market involves trading and exchanging paired currencies. For example; Euro/USD – Euro/JPD and all other known paired currencies. But there are other assets such as gold which are not in the Forex category but are classified as forex assets. In other words, all of the following commodities can be traded in financial market.

1. commodities such as golf, petroleum products, silver, gas, copper and so on.
2. foreign stock exchange rates such as the US, British, Japanese and all credible stock.
3. the stocks of large multinational corporations such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and etc.,
4. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Atrium and etc.,

These assets are not a part of Forex market and are known as CFD contracts, but the general pubic regards them as Forex. If you step in the world of financial market, in addition to all the world currencies, you can trade in all of the mentioned assets.

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