Who is Broker?

To become active in the financial marketing world, you need a broker. You should know who is a broker and also you should know how to choose a professional broker.

Imagine you wish to purchase a number of commodities, like gold from Forex market. there must be a seller who wishes to sell the commodity. So you have to find a seller who wants to sell their gold. Finding such a person can be energy and time consuming and if you finally find such a seller, you have to introduce yourself; no need to say that both parties must trust each other to ensure that after transaction, the money will be deposited to your account – and there always is the anxiety of not receiving the money.

Therefore; speeding up the transaction and trustworthiness in an agreement is a vital issue. A Broker has the responsibility to facilitate this procedure. The broker, once and for all, will certify your identity and acts as an intermediary, introducing you to a potential costumer. By applying the appropriate software rendered by your broker, you carry out your transactions in the shortest possible time without stress and tensions.

You may ask why do brokers help us?

For each transaction, they will receive an agreed sum as commission. But what defines a broker as a GOOD Broker?! next topic will explain it.

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