Best trade in Forex

How can we make money in Forex market?

Since hundreds years ago, Forex markets have been the place of nurturing the richest men around the world, and it’s attractive for all  how some humans who didn’t have enough money to live and get food, changed their life in this market and got rich, became a millionaire.

make money in Forex

Some men like Jessy Livermore, a young man in a town who escaped from his country and family when his father wanted to compel him to study and be a co- workers, but he didn’t accept and migrated to New York without any money and profession. He arrived to New York, and started to work in a stock broker as a butler, even He didn’t has a place for asleep,his life was really hard, but he had to change his life.

Little by little he initiated to learn market, sell, buy, analysis and trade. After several years, he changed from a country boy who didn’t have a place for life, to the biggest man of wall street and the richest man around the world, A man who famed a bear of wall street, and is known as a hero of trade and patience. But how?

making money in Forex

Jessy came from a far country, he was an co worker, poor, didn’t has any support, involved in routine life and tried to survive ,How could he become the richest man? How he did it? Financial markets a place that people transfer trillion dollars, lots of people get rich and expand their financial situation every day. Some people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg get more money every day with increasing of the price of their company’s shares and overtake from each other and known as a richest man around the world.

In numerous developed countries like USA and England, trading is a culture, and it’s a part of life. In fact, with this business we start the wealth road and follow the greatest man over the history. We join the club of millions of traders around the world!

Making Money

in continuation of this essay, we try to explain the method of making money in this market, and how to join the club of billionaire trader. Nowadays, trading and getting rich is easier than past, there is no need to physical present, we can sit in our home, and push a bottom, and make millions money. We can buy apple’s share easily, sell google, or purchase thousands barrels of oils and trade ounces of Gold. And get money from our trades.

Now situation is comfortable and there is an outstanding opportunity to trade and make money easily, How can we do this? What’s the Jessy Livermore and other successful trader’s method  in this market? How can we be like them. To become successful in financial markets or other professions, the best and easiest way is to discover the most successful people’s way in that profession. Learn their ways, and do it again and again, learn from our mistakes, and reach the probability of our success to the highest level. Let’s learn, what the successful traders do.

how to make money in forex

Technical analysis

In fact, Technical analysis is the science of charts analysis  and perceiving trends. Jessy Livermore was leader of developing technical analysis and helped traders to achieve more profit in market. He could analyze charts nicely and find the best opportunity for trading.

Learning of technical analysis is very simple, and you can understand charts easily, it’s like a game. You can find our video about technical analysis in our channel and website, there are lots of video that help you to learn technical and be a successful trader.

Risk Management in Forex Trading

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is the missing part of the traders around the world that if they can explore it, they can achieve more and unlimited success. Fundamental analysis consists of the analysis of a company, an economy, an industry and etc… For example, revenue of a company, net income, costs and etc…that we understand by them that the financial state of the company is good or not, Or can the company expand its sales?

Some legend of trading like Warren Buffet know the fundamental analysis as an inviolable parts of their work, and analyze numerous income statements every day and choose the best opportunity to trade.

Rules of success

The most imperative parameters that always help people to become successful is also available in this market and accompany us to be better, Some essentials like learning, planning, perseverance, passionate to reach to the bests.

rules of making money in forex

there were a lot of peoples that were defeated in some initial states, they try again and again, and at least achieve the outstanding success. Some peoples like Jessy have failed several times, but they never gave up, till they reach the pinnacle of success. It’s the game of success. In continuation educational video, we aim all of the success rules and parameters to get rich and make money in financial markets  and consider all of the outstanding details of massive markets.

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