A Review of the Life of the Founder of the Bridgewater Company Ray Dalio

Have you ever studied the basics of life and work book? It might be interesting to know that the author of this book is one of the richest people in the world; Ray Dalio. Ray was born in Jackson Heights, a city around New York in 1949 but it is unlikely that in those years, one thought the baby would be in the world’s 20 richest person in the next four decades. The fact is that Mr dalio did not have a rich family, and at best situation, we could find him that was born in the middle class.

Ray’s father was a jazz musician and his mother was also housewife. In the same period, Ray, however, decided to have a different life and walk in a unique way, and for that reason, he chose his first income – generating strategy, buying stocks in the Northeast Airlines Company.


The interesting thing is that she did it at the age of 12! Just when most of her peers were engaged in childhood entertainment. Dalio’s first investment brought him a substantial profit. While he had bought the airline’s stocks only $ 300 after merging the Northeast company with another company, the value of Ray stocks amounted to $ 1000.

He was satisfied with the situation and was very interested in the investment, so he decided to keep his education in the direction of business and investment. First, he chose the University of like island for his college education and was able to obtain a bachelor’s degree in finance. After that, he went to Harvard Business School to obtain an MBA degree to reach a higher academic degree in this area.

He believed that, unlike school, education at the university and independent schools could have some positive effects on any human life as opposed to school, the student could choose his own subject of interest. After completing his studies, he worked at the New York Stock Exchange. After the New York Bourse, it came to Dominick and Dickerman to continue its business activities as director of the company’s goods department. Nevertheless, the Ray’s fundraising creations started in 1974, where he injected into creative ideas into the banking system in order to make his name more in the economy and finance.

Ray Dalio soon discovered that it was time to set up a new company in the field of finance, hence in 1975 he helped develop the Bridgewater Associates. With the science, experience and creative ideas of Ray Dalio, bridge Water was gradually becoming one of the best in this arena. Until two years ago, Ray was CEO of the company.

Ray Dalio

Currently, you can find Rybin the 25th richest person in the world, Forbes magazine, according to Forbes magazine. His fortune now amounted to billions of dollars in 2018; a considerable portion of it has been obtained from the right investments area and buying appropriate stocks. It’s been a few years when Ray Dalio, along with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, have launched Giving Pledge campaign to put wealthy people around the world together for humanitarian aid. The book of Work and Life is currently one of the most important written works of Ray Dalio.

In this book, he has repeatedly pointed out the failure and losses he has suffered, but he has never lost hope. Today we see that the whole world knows him as the twenty fifth richest man. Perhaps we should learn from the principles of work and the lives of successful people like Rey Dalio, so that we can win the summit of success one after the other. Ray Dalio now has more than $ 16 billion in funds and is one of the biggest trader in history. He acquires all his wealth in the stock and Forex market, and is the true sample of a successful individual.

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