How can we trade in Forex market?

When you want to trade in Forex market or other financial markets, there a lot of things that you have to know about the process of work, how can you trade, how can you become successful In forex market? What’s the goal and How much money can I earn in this market? It’s your question I know, But I will answer all of them , and You will enjoy this information. Let’s start.

Decide to become different

If you decide to open a real account in forex market and join millions of traders around the World, congratulation! You done the first step to be  different and join successful men club around the world. But it’s not all of thing. Why?

how to trade in forex

You decide to invest with your money and make profit, it’s an outstanding news, But decide to become different in your life. because some people lose their money In forex market because they don’t have a goal, don’t a dream, don’t have a plan. And then, they don’t have any money and life. They are really poor, their mind is poor. But please be different. It’s the first step. Write your goals in forex market, tell me why do you want to trade in Forex market? Why did you choose forex market? Is it hard? Not, but please write. Knock the door, God will open the door. Believe me.

Don’t save money, invest money. Just a plan for invest 10% of your monthly income in forex market.

After your decision, we passed the first step, and you are different now. But what’s the second step?


Success in not a destiny, it’s road. Please repeat it. It’s not a destiny.  What? Dear, please imagine a situation, after 30 years, I don’t know How old will you have? For example 60, and there is no money in your pocket, why? Because you want an one night success, it’s possible, but it’s not valuable.

Because the road of success is really idyllic , outstanding, astonishing, breathtaking. Tell me, can you do some things constantly, without any stop, without any disappointment, without any anxious, can you? And believe in success? Is it possible? Yesssss…

successful trade in Forex

If you want to become successful and be the best trader around the world , it must be possible. It must, not should. Then, please tell me, Can you save 10% of our income for your future, for your success, for your greatest life in future. Yessss,  You can, You can do this, Just do this constantly. Step by step, Just save 10% of your income monthly. And invest it in Forex or stock market. It’s the best way to get rich after several years. Maybe 2, maybe 1, maybe 5. But it isn’t one night.

Choose a multi asset broker with regulation

Choose a multi asset broker with regulation, lowest spread and commissions, swap rate and…to have a better trades in forex market. In third step, We will implement the one of the most crucial steps for Forex trading.

  • Which company is your forex broker?
  • Is it regulated?
  • Is it the best choice for you?
  • Does it support you to be the best in trading?
  • What about their spread?
  • What about the instrument is provided for trading?
  • Can you comparison among them?

I think the most important matter in Forex trading is broker choosing. Why?
Broker for trade in forex

1. Because if you choose a broker that isn’t regulated, the broker can fraud and don’t pay your money or your profit, it’s important that be regulated.

2. A Forex broker that charges high spread and commissions in their asset for trading, charges swap highest swap rate, without any support and help for you, is not reliable. And it’s not rational to open an account in their sites.

3. It’s important that they have the greatest support teams, deposit and withdraw money easily , 24 hours for 5 days a week, because some times you have to charge your account at night, because your account is in dangerous.

4. Some brokers give their clients some welcome, non deposit and deposit promotion. For example they give you 100$ without any money, when you open an account. They are more reasonable that others, because you will achieve more money.

ITBFX Promotions

5. It’s so vital that they provide the full ranges of asset like Forex, indices, metals,stocks, crypto, industrial commodities, agricultural commodities and more. Because if you go further, you need to diversify your portfolio and  use all asset class to be the best in your work.

See the asset class that we provide.

Best trade in Forex

In conclusion, the choice of a Multi asset Forex broker is so vital for traders. Learning , trading with virtual money Start with demo trading to be successful in Forex trading. How?

We provide you an account without any money. This account has been created for you to trade real market with virtual money.  If you are serious and really want to get outstanding income with trading, let start a demo account, you can buy, sell, make profit, loss, without any risk. It’s an important step to become successful in Forex market.

Demo Account

I offer you to work with demo account and learn market sentiment for 2 months. Because you have to familiar with how to buy, how to sell, how to use analysis, what’s volume and etc.. Beside them, it’s too risky to start trading without any experience. Then demo trading account gives you the best opportunity to start trading and trade without any risk in real market. It’s so simple and you can do this easily.

Learning from the bests

In Forex and other financial markets, there are some hero and breathtaking people with extraordinary income. Like Jessy Livermore, Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, Ray Dalio and etc.. Some of them have died, and some other like Warren and Ray are alive. But all of them have lots of rules for their success.

bests in forex trading

We have to know their rules, their secrets.and use them in our life and trading. Let me give you an example of a hero, Jessy Livermore, a country boy who escaped from his town and became richest man around the world!!!! Jessy Livermore inhabited in an idyllic town, with traditional rules of life, like a son have to help his father and follow his way.

But Jessy couldn’t endure it and escaped from his town. Because his father wanted to compel him to educate in formal academic school. He escaped and reached to New York. Then they started to work in stock market in wall street as a servant. After some years he interested in stock and future market. He traded every day and several times lose all of his money.

but at least he could learn trading and found a way to be a hero. After 5 years, Jessy Livermore became the richest man around the world. He traded in future market, stock market almost 100 years ago. He had a strategy and rule for trading, and used it for all of them. Jessy Livermore traded on trend. It’s his rule.

for read more about trade on trend please click here: what’s technical analysis article. we have to know about successful traders and their secrets. It’s a cutoff to learn the bests from the bests.

Learn from mistakes in trading

When you start trading in demo or real account, you  don’t know about trading, How to make money, how to stop losing , how to analyze markets, how to find the best instruments to trade and etc.. Please be patient, be calm. Just do this.

Mistake trades in forex

Start trading, and maximize the speed of failure. Whyyyy? Because if you loss more in demo trading, you get more In real trading. It’s a rule. Start trading+ maximize the speed of failure + learn from your mistakes + start trading again+….+ start trading again= make money. Forex trading like other businesses around the world, is not simple and you have to learn every thing about it.

You should find yourself and your way in markets .then please don’t scare from mistakes and failures. Try all ways, all strategies, do more. I remember that when I start trading in Forex market, I lose my money twice. Afterward  I could make money in Forex market. After some months, I joined stock market and made a portfolio with the best stocks around the world. In first step I failed, because I didn’t know about stock market fluctuations and rules. I asked myself why?

Why did I lose my money? What is the most important rule that I ignore it? How can I be successful? I wrote my mistakes in a note book, and again I started trading. In first week I gained 20% of my capital, but again I repeated my mistakes. I lose my money again, and I was bit confused, but I recovered my self, and learned from my mistakes. I wrote:

  • Don’t trade against the market
    If  price is increased every day, and has an uptrend, buy this and be patient.
  • Use lower leverage
    The highest leverage will kill your trading account
  • Don’t over trade
    Over trade means you trade 1000 times a day. And involve in market, just trade and wait.

improve trade in forex

Diversify your portfolio

In financial markets, specially forex market, assets have direct and indirect correlation with each other. For example, Gold and Dow jones are usually against each other. Then , you must not buy Dow Jones and Sell gold, it means that you just buy Dow Jones two times. Beside them, don’t use all of your money in one position, or one symbol. It’s dangerous.

I wrote these rules in my note book, and if I oblige my rules, I make money, and If not. My greed killed my money..To sum, please don’t afraid and learn from your mistakes. It’s the best thing that I can tell you

Set a strategy for your trading

Well, now you can set a strategy for your trading. It’s so vital matter. Why? I tell you. Imagine that  you want to start a business, a shop or a trading company. What are things that you have to know? Who are your customers? What is your product? How do you want to sell this product? Why do you choose this product? Which country or region is proper for your product? How many employees do you need? And more…

It’s the obvious question that you ask yourself. Now I ask you.

1. What’s your trading strategy?
2. Ok, you don’t what does it mean?
3. What’s trading strategy?

  • When do you trade?
    Morning, night, every day, every week, every month
  • What’s your time zone?
    do you trade to make profit in short term like minutes and hours or, trade to make huge profit in long term?

strategy in forex trade

  • When do you open a position?
    For example if you have a reasonable analysis, or not.
  • When do you close your position?
    With distinct reasons, or for excitement
  • Do you trade on specific symbols or asset class, or not?
  • Do you trade all of your money with a position or not?
  • How do you analyze?
    With technical analysis and charts, or fundamental analysis, or both of them
  • Do you use stop loss or take profit? Or not?
    If yes, how do you set stop loss or take profit?
  • Do you have a check point for trading? If yes
    What’s your check point?

And lots of other questions, like, do you like stock or crypto, Forex or indices, do you have risk tolerance? If yes how much? Writing a strategy for trading is  like writing a plan for life. ‘if you have a plan for success, you plan for failure’. And now you write a plan for your trading. set a rules and follow them. I and other people can’t tell you how to trade, because it’s up to you.

It’s depended on your psychology, your money, your philosophy and etc.. Honestly, it’s rare to write a strategy without fault initially, but you can write , follow and develop it. ‘Just start, run, without stop, success will come

Start trading

Now you can start trading like professionals. You have a plan, lots of experiences, knowledge and skill. Just start trading. open a real account, deposit and start trading. In first trades, your heart will fill of excitement, curiosity, hurry. Be calm, you may want to control market, predict its hourly fluctuations, predict highest and lowest point for 5 minutes. But just follow your strategy, it’s the most crucial thing that you have to do.

Have a reason for each action, for buy, sell, close and etc.. be patient. if you control your volume, you never lose all of your money. And after some months you can make profit. just keep doing.


Don’t get disappointed

And don’t be disappointment, you will become successful, just keep doing. It’s possible not to make money in first trade, or second trade, even three,four, five. But don’t become disappointment.  just trade and learn constantly, and protect your money. Because sometimes, market is friend with you, and some other times, it is against you. But you have to be friend.

If you be in market constantly, you can be a millionaire over times, but you just keep gong constantly, constantly and constantly. Market is the greatest teacher, and it will learn you your mistakes. Just do this. I hope to this article be helpful for you. We are here to help you in Forex trading and make you successful.

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