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Waiting is one of the virtues of trading

Trading is not easy. Of course, on some days the same deal turns into one of the simplest things on earth and profits from the earth and the sky will flow into your trading account. Some days it may not seem possible to profit at all. As a multinational brokerage and cooperation with over 100,000 traders in the financial markets, we find that most of the traders are losing their losses due to psychological challenges rather than technical reasons.


Emotion leads to mistakes

As you probably know, emotion leads to mistakes. For example, you might face a few losses in the morning and feel like you should get your money out of the market right now. For this reason, you may be in a hurry to open a position without measuring the market situation. In some days, markets are very turbulent and we should not go forward. Unfortunately, the psychological pressures that require you to make restitution will lead to wrong decisions in transactions and, in the end, only make you lose more money, get out and even make another mistake. With patience practice, you can prevent this unpleasant cycle from occurring.

Time to wait

One of the most important things to learn as a trader is that you can recognize the time to wait and stay away from the markets. Markets are not always the best place to stay, and you don’t always have the right mind to trade with it. Even if you have the right mind, you need to know when markets are unstable or too slow. Exercise, study, relax; do whatever you like to get your mind ready to deal with, and the market situation will return to the desired conditions to get better trading opportunities.

Over trading

Patience isn’t just a time when markets aren’t conducive; when you have reached your goal and your day-to-day trading is over, it is time to wait and get out of the market. One of the big mistakes you can make is that when you don’t need to do a deal, open another position. As you know, it is not easy to cope with the market because as much as there is potential to profit, there is potential for loss. After achieving your daily goals, close the software or your transactional application.

Not only should you learn to avoid the transactional terminal, but you should not be involved in the diagrams and anything that relates to the Forex market. Does life have no other aspects than the trading aspect? When the Forex market has nothing to offer, withdraw from the market and practice patience.


Consider a long – term range; patience is in your favor

Jesse Livermore is one of the best traders in trading history. It was someone who said, ” Waiting is for your advantage.” Because sometimes the market has dual behavior, it has to wait and see which direction it is chosen. You have a plan to open your position at a certain time and when the currency pair’s price reaches the desired level. So you have nothing to do then and you don’t have to go into the market before. Entering the marketplace, before your currency pair’s price reaches the desired level is a sure way to lose money and thwart all your previous planning and efforts.

The market at different levels takes up certain decisions. If you have no plans to deal at these levels, then you can easily guess the next move of the market and plan for your next transactions. If you don’t have patience to reach these positions, then you are going to to lose a lot of money in the Forex market.


Trading like a professional trader

If you want to trade in a short time frame, like a professional trader, count on ITBFX support, and in addition to studying the blog, the Forex basic training articles, the advanced tutorial articles, and the analysis on the website, follow our Instagram page. You can also follow the latest news of Forex on our news channel in the telegram. ITBFX has recently started to open the aparat account and published many interesting videos and training videos there.

The good news is, you will soon be able to provide the ITBFX Forex training package via the same website. Follow the next notices from our website and social networking sites.

Stay with us and live the success.

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To start trading, we suggest opening a demo account and risk-free activity at ITB broker.

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