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Do you know William Delbert Gann ? Do you know that he is one of the most successful investors of the 20th century? So we suggest that you have more insight about him by reading the following article. You’ve probably heard that many believe that science has no role to have a successful life and become a rich man. But William Delbert Gann has strongly rejected the claim as a large part of his assets and his achievements owe his knowledge of the stock market analysis.

William Delbert Gann

William was born in June 1878 (coinciding with 1257) in Texas, United States. In the most optimistic scenario, we can count him from the average level of society as his father was a simple farmer. William’s family was well versed in the cultivation, harvesting and sale of cotton, but this business was not something that could raise the name of the Delbert Gann family globally.

The first thing that made William succeed was his great thoughts in adolescence.

In other words, faith and belief in the success and acquisition of a boundless wealth was the first factor that led William to the analysis of the best ways of acquiring wealth. Leaving his lesson and school sooner than expected, He claimed that someday he would be one of the best followers of Bible, he would write the best books in the world and get a substantial fortune; and that was what happened.

Rather than focusing on a series of shallow sciences that the general public was seeking in schools and universities, he preferred to focus on analytical methodologies and economics analysis. The same thing has led today, 2019, most organizations and investors benefit from the legacy of William Delbert Gann.

He was able to devise a technical analysis of the stock market. A method still used to analyze the increasing or descending trend of various stocks in most countries in the world. Perhaps this is why many investors believe that no human has been influential in the field of economics and the stock market in the last hundred years, such as William Delbert Gann.

Stock Market

For the first time at the age of 24, Delbert entered the stock market and invested a small amount of his capital on the way to buy stocks. With the advent of various methods of analysis, he managed to achieve strange success in this field, as far as 80 % of his trades have been profitable; Statistics that have been recorded for less investors!

According to the limited activities of sources such as Forbes in the first half of the 20th century, there is no accurate statistics of William Delbert Gann wealth. On the other hand, Gann did not have much interest in making his activities public. However, the only documentary evidence of his books and William’s analytic methods proves that prior to anything, the stock market analysis with the help of the chart (offered by his employees) enabled William Delbert Gann to achieve a strange fortune.

Before his death, his fortune amounts to a few million dollars (including inflation rates). However, the death of William Delbert Gann in June 1955 – only 12 days after his 77 – year birth – His close friends considered the existence of such a property as false.

Gann's Death

Written by more than ten books is William’s treasured legacy, but it is said that according to his will, only two books have been published among his works after his death. William’s secret life was to some extent that he said he would deny the publication of some books because humanity would not be able to grasp the theories and methods of his analysis.

It might even be interesting to note that some of his books were introduced to the market in the name of other authors of the 20th century. Nevertheless, the most valuable legacy from William Delbert Gann is that buying and selling stocks can be the best solution to reach an ideal life and to succeed in this direction, everyone needs to be fully acquainted with this borderless market.

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